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Eva-Britt Hult – lecturer, business coach, writer

I offer lectures, courses and coaching in different aspects of having your own business.

My customers are business-owners, networks, trade associations, unions, politicians, teachers, students and others who want to learn more about having your own small business and the life of being an entrepreneur, particularly regarding to:

– soloentrepreneurs and self-employed
– women entrepreneurship
– entrepreneurs in knowledge-based services

I have 25 years of experience, books I have written, research I have done and  lectures I have given for thousands of participants around Sweden.

Most of my works and books are written in Swedish but I have no problem to have a lecture,  workshop or hours for advice in English.

A paper written in English and presented at the 11th Nordic Conference on Small Business research at The Aarhus School of Business in Aahus, Denmark some years ago The Swedish solo-entrepreneur – extensions and characteristics, by Eva-Britt Hult and
Dick Ramström can be read here.

Life-Tech stands for a vision about a good working life for all people. A complement to High Tech.

Welcome to contact
Eva-Britt Hult
mobile: 0046(0)70-766 37 82


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